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#BrefAd — Create the new ad for Bref

The past two campaigns for Bref have featured the “Balls Dream Band”, a boy band consisting of 4 sexy and talented boys who sing and dance (Click here and here to watch the 2 videos). In each of these past videos, each of the four boys represented one of the benefits of the balls.

Bref is looking for a new communication campaign featuring 4 sexy boys and the Bref rimblocks in a funny and entertaining way. First with fresh ideas and then with a story pitched to them through a video. Bref will pick three finalists who will get production grants that they can use to produce the videos and to win one of the prizes.

Do you consider toilet cleaning a chore? Well, it’s not anymore when you use Bref rimblocks! Bref Power Active rimblocks are toilet products that consist of 4 active balls that you hang on the side of the toilet bowl. Each ball has a function: one cleans, one prevents lime scale, one fights stains and one freshens. Thanks to Bref, keeping toilets clean and smelling fragrant are a piece of cake!

Bref wants to develop the next viral hit with you!

Through a print ad, storyboard, mood-board or synopsis, show us how you would convince consumers that Bref is the only product that allows you to care for your toilet without drama, then invent a story about Bref and the four sexy boys and “pitch” it to us, to let us know what your final video will look like.

Bref Boys: What's next?

4.000 € Illustration - Kreatives Schreiben

Bref Boys: What's next?
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