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Imagine the future of commerce in the year 2030

Help us envision the future! Tell us the story of your future purchasing habits, when buying expensive items and everyday items.

Presentation of 3 pages maximum with visuals, text and answers to the 4 questions.

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Thank you everyone who participated! We were blown away by the diversity of entries, tech trends mentioned, and potential futures imagined. Especially to those who predicted a much different world than today (including dystopian societies), we enjoyed your creativity and boldness. Nice job to all!

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Evelyn_Green #1 Preis
Evelyn_Green 30 Kreativ-Score
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#1 Preis von 3.000 €

I fell in love with the brief the moment I read it. This truly was an exciting project. Imagining the future has certainly broaden my horizon and I’m looking forward to see the best ideas presented in this contest come true. Thank you so very much!

The comprehensive view of the future you provided, while still making the experience personal and real

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arnimation #2 Preis
arnimation 4.040 Kreativ-Score
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#2 Preis von 1.500 €

The detailed view you provided around a potential future ingrained with automation. Good references / understanding of blockchain technology.

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Diane_Z #3 Preis
Diane_Z 0 Kreativ-Score
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#3 Preis von 500 €

We are thrilled to have been recognized for our work in this contest.
The brief posed a good framework to reimagine the future without boundaries and we enjoyed the challenge! Thank you

The dual tracks between the 99% and 1%, showing the differences all the way up to age 118. Also the nice overview in the beginning was helpful to set the context.

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