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Make Sunny Delight the must-have drink of teenagers who want to assert themselves

Start 18. November 2016 Ende Mittwoch, 30. November 2016, 23:59 Uhr UTC Beratung Ergebnisse Januar 2017
18. November 2016
Mittwoch, 30. November 2016, 23:59 Uhr UTC
Januar 2017


Sunny Delight is fruit-based beverage, very popular among teenagers. It comes in many flavors and is often associated with freshness, dynamism and confidence. The name itself reflects a very positive look on life, full of sunshine, pleasure and an adventurous lifestyle.

It is sold in the fresh fruit aisle where most products tend to be premium. Sunny Delight is quite unique in this section as it is accessible to price-sensitive families, so not in the premium category.

Teens from 12 to 20 years, lovers of Sunny Delight, are people in transition. They want to leave childhood behind and no longer be seen and treated as kids. They want to gain freedom, independence, and autonomy. They are eager to make their own experiences. They want to start living as adults, and to be recognized as such. In other words, they want to assert themselves & their personality and become someone.

When it comes to choosing a soft drink, we hear teens saying two things:

  1. I don’t want to drink childish drinks anymore. My mom wants me to drink syrup or water but I’m looking for a more adult kind of drink! Something that spices up my life.
  2. My crew is essential to me. Together we feel so close, we do everything together. They are my true family and we’re looking for a drink that could be our “badge”. To show the world we belong to one club.

Kreative Herausforderung

Invent a new Sunny Delight drink for teenagers who want their own identity and to assert themselves.

Your new drink concept should become the favorite drink of teens who claim they are no longer kids. It should be something that helps them stand-out as grow-ups.

To do so, there are two routes you can follow: 1) the transgressive drink 2) the official drink of my crew.

  1. The transgressive drink: A drink that is going to appeal to teens who want to leave childhood behind. It is a drink that is very connected to their identity or helps them develop their own. “Sunny Delight is an exciting and unpredictable brand” is what teens could say after trying your new drink.
    Keep in mind the teen’s thinking: They no longer want to drink what mommy thinks is good for them (water, milk with syrup, hot coco, etc.). They do not want kid’s drinks, they want more adult drinks. So, they look for drinks that are stronger in terms of intensity, with more radical tastes, more effects on the body… Something that provides an experience that is going to shake them, to take them on a journey, to give them intense sensations.
  2. The official drink of my crew: A drink that will become the essential beverage of their clan. Something that ties them together. No hanging out with my clan without Sunny Delight”, is what teens could say after trying your new drink.
    Keep in mind the teen’s thinking: they want to be part of a crew. Relationships with parents have ups and downs, hence the need to rely on a “true” family. They are in search of strong bonds & close connections with their clan, therefore they really like it when they share tribal codes (high fives, tattoos, etc.), but also specific food and drinks. Each group of friends has its preferred chips, drinks or candies brand and the rituals associated with them.

Please come-up with a new drink concept with packaging and formula. Please state clearly in your entry which route you are following. Please explain your idea well and describe the story around it (what is happening, what do teens feel, etc.)

Your entry should be made up of visuals and text.

Have in mind the no-goes and mandatory items:

  • Beverage only, no food;
  • No alcohol in the recipe;
  • No energizing ingredients (taurine, caffeine…);
  • No copies of adult beverages;
  • Avoid artificiality/chemical ingredients in the recipe;
  • Do not change the brand name;
  • No digital / activations / advertising as a stand-alone – it can absolutely be integrated into a more complete product concept.


Die Beispiele sind nur dazu da, dir eine konkretere Vorstellung von unseren Erwartungen zu geben. Bitte verwende sie nicht in für den von dir eingereichten Beitrag, da er sonst abgelehnt wird.

For route #1, you can consider: stronger tastes, new surprising textures, or a beverage that has personality & holds surprises, a pack that is unpredictable, bold packaging, etc.

For route #2 you can consider: a beverage in a large size or a special cap that makes it easy to share, something with your friends’ names written on it, a drink made to be taken to festivals, to sports events, to concerts, etc.

Of course, any other ideas are welcome.


Jury Preis

  • #1 Preis 3.000 €
  • #2 Preis 1.500 €
  • #3 Preis 500 €


Presentations with visuals and text (4 pages max.)


Teenagers are a hard to please population. The best ideas will be those that are modern, that taps into teens’ references, but are also true to Sunny Delight.


Leitlinien für diesen Wettbewerb

  • Entries should be in English or French.
  • Make sure you stay true to the brand’s values: Freshness, dynamism, confidence / self-confidence / empowerment and to the brand’s personality: Original, punchy, solar / radiant, young, adventurous.
  • Avoid the no-goes and stick to the mandatory items for your entry to be accepted.
  • Please use the template and brand logo from the toolkit.
  • No premium ideas. Sunny Delight is accessible (not expensive).
  • Entries should be in Englisch und Französisch
  • Selected entries will be used on the Internet. Authorizations and licenses to use protected elements (incl. music, photos..) must be compatible with Internet broadcasting. You must be able to provide a written proof of these authorizations and licenses at any time.

eYeka Standard Leitlinien

  • Zeige keine persönlichen Details in dem Beitrag (Name, Kontaktnummer, E-Mail Adresse, etc.)
  • Behalte eine high-quality Version Deiner Kreation, die genutzt werden kann wenn Du als Gewinner ausgewählt wirst.
  • Dein Medium muss Deine eigene Arbeit sein um zum Wettbewerb zugelassen zu werden.
  • Die schriftliche Erlaubnis aller Urheber und Darsteller, die zum Medium beigetragen haben, muss vorliegen.
  • Gib bei der Verwendung von Fremdmaterial (Musik, Fotos, Designs usw.) in der Beschreibung des Mediums bitte an, ob die verwendete Musik und/oder das Bild/die Bilder von Dir stammen, und stelle andernfalls Links zur Lizenz bereit, die Dich berechtigt, diese Elemente zu nutzen.
  • eYeka wird Dich auffordern, schriftliche Belege oder Kopien aller schriftlicher Dokumente vorzulegen, die solche Genehmigungen belegen, welche es eYeka und seinen Klienten ermöglichen, das Medium gemäß den Bedingungen der Wettbewerbsregeln zu nutzen.
  • Jegliches Medium, welches diese Regeln verletzt, wird nicht im Wettbewerb berücksichtigt.