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Create a new Danao that tastes great and is good for your health

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Illustration - Kreatives Schreiben

Do you know the drink Danao? It is a very unique French brand that was launched 10 years ago. It is the only drink that is a blend of fruit juice and milk. It is sold in the fresh fruit juice aisle in supermarkets, is loved by kids and their parents, mostly consumed at breakfast. People like Danao because its unique taste is very smooth. It is associated with optimism, pleasure and a good mood.

The wellness trend is getting bigger and bigger, in France and everywhere else. People are becoming more health-conscious, reading the labels on products, and they want to know about the origin of what they are eating and drinking. On top of this, milk/lactose is getting a bad press among some people. On the other hand, some ingredients are becoming very popular, being hyped as superfoods. People want products that will taste really good, but also provide them with some sort of health benefit.

On top of this, many brands now offer healthier alternatives packed with functional benefits (vitamins, nutriments etc.) and Danao feels the need to offer a healthier version of its iconic drink, to a certain section of the population.

Can you help Danao to create a new formula that not only has a great taste but also contributes to well-being and balance

Format : Presentations with visuals and text (2 pages max.)