Duracell Lithium coins 13 Tage übrig

How can you tell people that they should choose Duracell Lithium coin batteries?

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13 Tage übrig
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Lithium coins are special batteries that come in 10 different sizes. They look physically like coins, and power many different devices in our life. They are not at the top of anyone’s mind, until they die. But, when they die, people get annoyed because no one keeps a stash of them at home and they quickly realize how dependent they can be on some of these devices. 

Duracell lithium coins provide 50% longer lasting power that people can rely on. That means Duracell users can change the batteries 50% less often and therefore experience the annoying situation, in which they cannot use the device immediately and have to replace the batteries first, 50% less often.

Can you help Duracell convince LiCoin device users to choose Duracell LiCoins for their superiority over other brands, by highlighting that Duracell’s longer lasting LiCoin batteries fail less often? 

Jolt consumers into thinking about their critical Lithium coin powered devices and caring about the Duracell dividend in longevity they can bank on.

FORMAT: 1-3 posters with a headline and an explanation of the main idea. (4-page PDF)

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