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Show us the emotional benefit of a Suzuki ALLGRIP car in the way that you’ve never seen in any TVC before.

Through an engaging and witty video show us the emotional benefit of a Suzuki ALLGRIP car in the way that you’ve never seen in any TVC, with or without showing car.

Video – 45 seconds max.

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Suzuki Adk

We would like to thank you all for your contribution on ALLGRIP video contest. We really appreciate sharing your thoughts and inspirational creative ideas. It was so difficult for us to choose the winners because all the ideas have great insights and communicated the benefits of ALLGRIP in unique and exciting ways.

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arthurchays #1 Preis
arthurchays 22.070 Kreativ-Score
  • Video

#1 Preis von 7.000 €

Wow ! Thanks a lot, this is a great news for my team, as they worked hard to be able to bring emotions to this movie ! I would really like to thank the brand for choosing a film that I really did with the heart. We received a lot of nice comments from other eyeka competitors, and it was really encouraging and comforting.

Even if I’m doing a lot of films for work, I love contests like this one, where you can try new things, where you have to be creative, and find solutions to tell a good story in 30-45 seconds.

I see competition not as a goal, but as a journey: it always push me to go further !

Congratulations! All of our team members were very impressed by your video.  It communicates the 4WD capability which can go beyond various roads as well as the peace of mind that Suzuki ALLGRIP technology can provide.  The ending scene is very emotional and heart-warming!  Thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts with us.

mordov-centre #2 Preis
mordov-centre 27.670 Kreativ-Score
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Russische Föderation

#2 Preis von 5.000 €

We are extremely pleased to be included in the list of winners.
This project was very difficult to implement. It was very cold when we were shooting.
The temperature dropped to -20 C. But despite this we had fun.


We were really impressed with the uniqueness of this creative.  The personification is very effective way for the customers to feel friendly towards ALLGRIP technology and deliver excitement and peace of mind in a way we would not come up with internally.  Thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts with us!

CineChela #3 Preis
CineChela 21.600 Kreativ-Score
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Puerto Rico

#3 Preis von 3.000 €

I am very happy and honoured to have been awarded a prize in the Suzuki
All Grip competition. It was a fun experience and a great opportunity to
develop ideas in a context that supports creative freedom. Thank you Eyeka
for this great contest!

We really like your creative idea. The video communicates the stability that ALLGRIP offers without actually using any vehicle scene. This is the fresh new approach and great input for us.  Thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts with us!


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