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Help Cillit Bang make cleaning deeper and faster!

2.500 €
Wettbewerb endete am 24. September 2017
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People love a clean house, but they have better things to do than spend time cleaning it.

Our sponsor, Cillit Bang, believes cleanliness shouldn’t be measured by the time spent doing the cleaning. Their motto is all about minimum effort, maximum result. This is why they developed a range of products that help you clean deeper and faster and more efficiently.

Of course, they’re always looking for improvements… and this is where you step in!Right now, Cillit Bang is looking for new products or tools  that would help people get even better and/or faster results.

Can you dig into your own experience and knowledge of the matter and help them find their next break-through solution?

Format: 1 pager with visual (left) and explanations/answers to mandatory questions (right)