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BIC Stationery – Tell us what it means to be a French brand through poster and activation idea

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Grafikdesign - Illustration

In Asia, there is a misconception that BIC is a local Asian brand and maker of old-fashioned products.

BIC is actually a global brand with 60 years of French heritage and innovation. They make colorful, fashionable and sophisticated stationery products which are much loved all over the world. All their products are designed in France.

French-ness is all about an attitude which is distinct and defined by the French way of life. BIC would like consumers in Asia to love and be excited by this French attitude and would like your help to bring it to life creatively.

With a poster and an activation idea, excite young students about BIC by highlighting and celebrating its unique French attitude.  

Format: 1 page poster and 2 pages for activation – 3 pages max