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Help Colonel Sanders create a buzz around KFC in France!

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Wettbewerb endete am 4. Februar 2018
Illustration - Kreatives Schreiben

French people have been enjoying the unique taste of KFC since its first restaurant opened in 1991. KFC sparks sharing moments for friends and family through finger-licking food. French people love the generosity of the recipes inherited from Colonel Harland Sanders. 

Colonel Sanders is the founding father and mascot of KFC. He's the one behind the unique and secret recipe of KFC food. Lot of fictional stories grew around Colonel Sanders. He’s a pop culture character recognized across the globe however, a very few French people know who the Colonel Sanders is…

KFC has just launched a new TV campaign starring Colonel Sanders in France. Can you help spread the word and make sure every French person knows who Colonel Sanders is?

Format: presentation

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