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Show how BIC lighters are one of the only solutions for quality lighting

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Wettbewerb endete am 8. April 2018

There are 1.8 billion lighters on the European market. BIC Lighters, a major actor in branded lighters across Europe, have been sold in Europe for more than 40 years. BIC Lighters undergo more than 50 quality checks guaranteeing consumer safety. And throughout the years, BIC Lighters have become iconic thanks to their function, design, and quality.

Today, approximately 20% of the lighters sold in Europe are BIC Lighters. However, consumers are continually purchasing poor quality alternatives for various reasons: some people do not know about BIC Lighter’s quality, others shop in auto-pilot mode and do not even question their buying habits, and finally, some know about BIC Lighter’s superiority but do not fully understand the real benefit, so they select a cheaper option.

However, by choosing low-quality lighters people take the gamble of possibly quickly returning to their retailer to replace the defective lighter. BIC needs your creativity to find a smart way to raise awareness about how important it is to buy and use a quality lighter the first time around. Create a story to catch the attention of viewers and convince them to switch to BIC Lighters, one of the only quality lighting solutions.

Format: video