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Show American Millennial parents that Ivory Body Cleansing Products are a simple gift of kindness for their family.

In a poster with a headline, creatively engage with American Millennial parents who share Ivory’s values of purity, safety and gentle cleansing for the whole family.

Poster with text, 2 pages in PDF

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the-inception #1 Preis
the-inception 143.070 Kreativ-Score
  • Grafikdesign
  • Animation
  • Kreatives Schreiben
  • Label & Verpackungsdesign
  • Fotografie
  • Script Writing

#1 Preis von 3.000 €

Really liked the 'free from filters' idea that ties to using the bar soap for a family selfie. Great job, very creative!

msalomon #2 Preis
msalomon 1.391.540 Kreativ-Score
  • Grafikdesign
  • Illustration
  • Kreatives Schreiben
  • Label & Verpackungsdesign
  • Fotografie

#2 Preis von 1.500 €

Really good use of the whole family and family moments. Also using the bubbles to creatively 'capture' the family moments is great!

marijaocokoljic #3 Preis
marijaocokoljic 350.220 Kreativ-Score
  • Grafikdesign
  • Illustration
  • Kreatives Schreiben
  • Script Writing

#3 Preis von 500 €

Really liked the white bar on the blue background and the different creative uses of the bar and suds. Great job!


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