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Create an emotively inspiring and strongly persuasive campaign convincing Australians that BRITA filtered water is the very best choice for drinking water.

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Australians typically live active lifestyles and the health benefits of staying hydrated with water are well understood. Mostly, tap water is very drinkable – yes, straight from the tap. As the treated water must still travel through many kilometres of underground pipes, before reaching homes, how do Australian householders really know the quality of the water they are drinking straight from the tap?

Bottled water from the supermarket is a viable alternative, despite the inconvenience of portability and storage, cost and environmental impact. Bottled water is no better at hydrating than tap water, although often perceived as better and cleaner due largely to imagery and lush mountain ranges and natural springs. As they drink the bottled water, how do Australians really know the quality of the water – after all it looks and tastes just like the tap water!

BRITA is the world’s leader, and a trusted consumer brand, in water filtration with over 50 years of German heritage.  It’s filtration technology has been scientifically engineered with activated carbon and ion exchange resin, to reduce chemicals like chlorine, metals such as lead and copper and other impurities that might be present in tap water. The result is cleaner drinking water. The problem is that even BRITA filtered water looks just like tap water.

Convince Australians through an emotively inspiring campaign that It’s the BRITA brilliance that provides the best water every time, which is better for you, because of its unique filtration expertise and technology.

Format: 1 Page Poster and Tagline together with a short story explaining how your campaign will emotively and persuasively change water drinking habits.