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Come up with the next claim on sustainable formulas in the skincare category!

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As you may know, sustainability tends to become a very important issue to address for the brands, as a source of growth and social responsibility engagement. Indeed, sustainability has become an important concern and driver for the consumers. No longer for a minority of “eco-engaged” consumers but for everyone! 79% of the consumers prefer a brand with a sustainable engagement.

Today, a major actor of the facial skin care category has decided that 100% of their products would have a sustainability enhancement by 2020. They have the will, ideas, techniques, innovations…. but no claim. They are still struggling about finding a way to communicate on this topic on a consumer centric and sincere way. They need your help to claim and “market” this move in a simple, new, aspirational and concrete ways to engage consumers! These claims can be about different element of the mix-marketing, but we ask you to focus on one key element: the formula of the product!


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