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Help kids with mobility disabilities to independently navigate the world and engage with peers.

Create a new mobility service that enhances the independent mobility of mobility-disabled preschool children to take on challenging experiences that help them to develop a sense of self-reward in peer-to-peer interactions.

Presentations with text and solution illustrations. 4 pages in PDF max.

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Big thanks to the community for another round of inspiring submissions. By working together on big challenges, we will make the world a better place. Until next time, keep your eyes wide open for opportunity and maintain a sharp edge on your creativity.

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nadinevash #1 Preis
nadinevash 133.970 Kreativ-Score
  • Video
  • Kreatives Schreiben
  • Fotografie
  • Script Writing

#1 Preis von 4.000 € für IndeMap

Well thought out and comprehensive solution proposal. We especially liked the duality of the concept, not only fostering peer-to-peer relationships among children, but also fostering the growth of an integrated and inclusive community by providing tools and opportunities to contribute. Extra points for the extend-ability of the solution to user types beyond the target audience. Great job!

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Pang #2 Preis
Pang 69.750 Kreativ-Score
  • Grafikdesign
  • Video
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Kreatives Schreiben
  • Script Writing

#2 Preis von 1.500 € für ObsTackle

I am thrilled to enter such contests that aim to solve real-world problems. I hope the young generation facing physical handicap will be helped by the solutions shared by the eYeka creators. Kudos to the eYeka team for organizing these contest!

A submission that focused keenly on the concept of threshold learning by not only enabling constructive play, but also empowering parents to provide opportunities for their children. Extra points for the extend-ability of the solution to user types beyond the target audience (People of all abilities would love to have a party with this solution.) Great job!

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thechulun #3 Preis
thechulun 1.137.130 Kreativ-Score
  • Grafikdesign
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Kreatives Schreiben

#3 Preis von 500 € für Kid grow confidence

A solution that is elegant in its simplicity. This solution provides meaningful learning experiences, can be easily deployed and scaled to a wide variety of audiences. Great job!

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