New Gillette Gift-sets 2 Tage übrig

What would be your idea for the best ever collection of Gillette gift-sets?

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2 Tage übrig
Grafikdesign - Label & Verpackungsdesign

Giving a guy a gift which strikes the perfect balance between stylish, but not too stylish, and something he’ll actually use & appreciate, is a tall order. So, whether it’s cologne, alcohol or chocolates, brands sell gift-sets to help people do just that: give the perfect, slightly premiumized version of a product they know their partner, brother, or father / father-in-law will actually use. Typically, gift-sets include the hero product with 1 or more accessories or variations.  

Gillette, like all razor brands, is keen to play in the gifting space because razors and blades, unlike cologne, alcohol, chocolate, or even fancy soaps, never run out! They get dull, over-used, less and less hygienic, and start to underperform, but they’ll always work. Razors & blades are almost never on the weekly shopping list, so many men don’t get the best out of their razor or blade.

This makes Gillette gift-sets a perfect gift men appreciate and use! But, Gillette hasn’t cracked the code yet on how to make them stand-out-on-shelf to the 70% of gifters who are women, and who don’t realise how perfect they really are as gifts. Can you help?

Design and name a range of modern, stylish, desirable and environmental friendly Gillette gift-sets that stand out on-shelf and which appeals to both the gifter & the giftee.

Format: Easy Submission Form - 2 visuals (landscape oriented, PNG or JPEG only) + answers

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