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Shine light on Volvic’s new packaging material innovation to tackle plastic issue!

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There is an increasing concern on the environmental impact we have as humans. More and more people are changing their habits to reduce their impact on the environment. In parallel, brands are doing their share by adapting the products we love to a more sustainable and conscious consumption.

Volvic natural mineral water is intrinsically committed to protect the environment, coming from the heart of the Auvergne volcanic region, created by nature’s strength. The water is preserved by the volcanic layers and is naturally protected from any pollution. The brand has been involved in co-building efficient collection systems, designing recyclable packaging, recovering packaging already in nature, and constantly innovating in the materials they use.

For many years, PET (a type of plastic) has been the best material to deliver Volvic natural mineral water to people across the globe while ensure its quality, safety, taste and unique characteristics. In recent years, Volvic recognizes that the misuse and mismanagement of any packaging material can lead to the issue of waste. Recognizing their responsibility to contribute to addressing this issue, they decided to launch biomaterial bottles, a significant change and milestone in the industry.

We need your creativity to imagine how Volvic could impactfully communicate on its new biomaterial bottles. This is an important shift and Volvic want people to notice it and talk about it. Can you help?

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