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Modernize the universe of cast iron casserole dishes with a creative poster that shows the benefits of the new Tefal Light Cast Casserole!

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Wettbewerb endete am 24. Januar 2021
Illustration - Kreatives Schreiben

Cast Iron casserole dishes have always been popular products in many households: they are robust & durable products, perceived as healthy & natural, they make delicious stews, look good on the table or as a kitchen decoration and they evoke memories of good food and good times.

And sales have been booming this year on ecommerce during the Coronavirus, since cooking more at home has been one of the few positive aspects of this crisis. Home cooking and a slower pace of life go hand in hand with cast iron casserole dishes. We saw many people sharing nice pictures on Instagram or Whatsapp of delicious stews, roasted dishes and homemade bread baked in those casseroles during confinement!

Tefal is a leading cookware company that offers all types of cooking solutions – with the mission to be central to people’s home cooking. They have a long history of smart innovations that are adapted to current needs. Looking at the world of casserole dishes, we know that using cast iron is a guarantee of robust quality and tasty & successful cooking. But this material also makes those traditional pots very heavy and inconvenient to use and clean, especially for an ageing population or a young generation looking for convenience & time saving solutions.

To solve this issue, Tefal has developed an innovative cast aluminium casserole that delivers the same benefits as cast iron, is very robust but also extremely light & convenient. As they plan on launching this product in the next few months, they need your inspiration to find a way of expressing the benefits it brings to people in a unique, modern and eye-catching way, which will capture the imagination of the public. Can you help?

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