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Create a new hand cleansing and care product for an engaging and enjoyable experience (anywhere, anytime), that makes people feel protected and safe

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Wettbewerb endete am 19. Januar 2021
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With the rise of the coronavirus (COVID-19), people are more aware of their hands, as a way to get everything done and as an expression of who they are. Hand cleansing and hand care has become an even more important part of daily routines for people all across the globe. Whether they are at home, or on the go, people are more proactive than ever when it comes to washing and sanitizing their hands.

But even with the increased awareness of how important hand cleansing and hand care is for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, hand washing and hand sanitizing is still seen as a burden for many. Hand care / cleansing is not seen as fun, and frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing can feel like a chore. Washing and sanitizing hands may be the responsible thing to do, but it’s boring and can be a hassle, especially when people are away from their homes. As the coronavirus eventually becomes a thing of the past, people may shift back to old habits in which hand hygiene is no longer at the forefront of their minds, and good hand care and cleansing habits fall to the wayside.

There is an opportunity to re-invigorate the hand care and cleansing routine for adults and children around the world. From the products included in a hand care / cleansing routine, to the packaging or format of product; we are looking forward to new ideas that would make a hand care / cleansing routine more enjoyable and engaging, and help keep hand hygiene as a frequent habit that people actually look forward to, even in a post-COVID world.

In the context of the COVID-influenced world, there are more opportunities than ever before to re-invent hand cleansing and care. We are looking for innovative hand cleansing and care product ideas that will be at the center of an enjoyable hand hygiene routine. Can you help?

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