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Create an out-of-the-box and unique insurance solution for an insurance persona.

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The whole Philippines insurance industry is aggressively moving to build the customer base in a low-penetrated young Filipino market where relevant differentiation is key to win the market.

An established insurance company with global reach wants to build trust in insurance by putting the customer at the center of their insurance offering. However, they are facing a challenge in differentiating itself from other players, both established and emerging. New entrants, virtual banks and insurers, offer cheap and simple policy. Insurance products are perceived to be the same across insurance providers and our client’s products do not stand out as a preferred/ unique insurance provider.

Thus, to drive innovation, it is key to reinvent product features or service solutions and enhance how to position and communicate this to customers to stand out and bring about excitement.

Can you help us create an out-of-the-box insurance solution and how we can position this for any of our 5 identified personas?

Imagine what out-of-the box insurance solution can be offered to a specific insurance persona and reinvent the way we talk about insurance to get people to be interested, and let them know that this is unique from anything else in the market.

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