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Empower young African women to act on sexual protection differently.

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Sexual protection is often stigmatised for women – usually focused on men, and often tied (negatively) to HIV. The messages about the importance of sexual protection for the HIV and STDs prevention are often ignored and lack engagement. There is abundant apathy.

Over time, messages of HIV have begun to fall on deaf ears. This isn’t what motivates behaviour – it possibly never has been an effective way to talk to anyone in the sexual protection space.

In Africa sexual risk is a real issue for women. They also often blame themselves for getting into situations that are risk laden.

Layer onto that the reality of black African women and girls, and the choices become even more problematic and fraught with socio-political dynamics that make accessing sexual protection easily, quite problematic (if at all possible). 

Today we invite you to think together about this problem and come up with a campaign that will change peoples’ minds about femaleness in this space - to motivate women to take back control. In taking back control we want to change the behaviours around passive and active risk-taking women engage in.

We invite you to join this challenge today and help us change the world for the better!

In a super viral social media campaign create a positive perception about sexual protection and HIV prevention among girls and young women in Africa and empower them to take back the control in this category.


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