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How will you make an impact when your hair is dandruff free, always?

7.500 €
Wettbewerb endete am 20. Februar 2012
Grafikdesign - Video - Illustration - Animation - Kreatives Schreiben

Dandruff is an unwelcome distraction when you always want to be at your best. Even when washed away, dandruff can still make an unexpected re-appearance at the wrong moment. It is only when you know that dandruff will not come back that you can be at your most impactful self and be admired by others, all the time.

When there is a guarantee that your dandruff would not be coming back, how would that allow you to make an impact, anytime and anywhere? Create a story to tell us what could happen and how you would feel about it.

Format: video, animation, pictures, storyboards.