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Bring to life our new 100% natural soft drink for adults

When you are hanging out with friends or colleagues and you want to drink something for you that is tasty and refreshing. What do you choose? Good news: We have just created a new soft drink for adults that is non-alcoholic yet tasty, refreshing, a bit fizzy, not too sweet and matches your active lifestyle. What should this perfect soft drink look like?

Your challenge is to bring to life the perfect 100% natural soft drink for adults through a print ad or a poster. Give it a name, personality, and look and feel. This product would be available in a bottle or can. Be creative and keep in mind it must be a drink that you would be proud to be seen drinking.

Format: Print ads, posters or illustrations

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I know this website for some time, but I never had the opportunity to take part in one of the contests suggested. What caught my attention, when I discovered the contest «100% natural soft drink for adults» is having to create a concept in its entirety, this allowed me to give a free rein to my creativity, while I enjoyed making this contest. Usually, I begin my creative process on writing. During this moment, I express all my ideas in order to stop on a clear and definite idea to establish a concept. Then I start a running process to format the graphic elements, from a creative and technical point of view, which will illustrate my concept.

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eYeka has played a great role in my creative progress as a designer, it gave me fabulous opportunities for experimentation and learning while creating for big brands. I especially love those challenges when creatives are invited to help with the development of a brand, a product or a campaign. These projects provide a lot of creative freedom and the opportunity to mix our own ideas, dreams or expectations with the ones of the brand. I had a lot of fun while designing a print ad and creating a whole philosophy for this new soft drink. It's always an interesting process to sync what would fit my taste, and what would fit others' taste and then visualize the result in a beautiful print ad. I felt a lot of responsibility and excitement!

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Russische Föderation

#3 Preis von 2.000 €

I'm glad to win and I congratulate all the winners. This was my first work in design and I was making this product for myself, so the process brought me pleasure. Thank you eYeka!

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