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Bring to life our new 100% natural soft drink for adults

10.000 €
Wettbewerb endete am 11. Juli 2012
Kreatives Schreiben - Label & Verpackungsdesign

When you are hanging out with friends or colleagues and you want to drink something for you that is tasty and refreshing. What do you choose? Good news: We have just created a new soft drink for adults that is non-alcoholic yet tasty, refreshing, a bit fizzy, not too sweet and matches your active lifestyle. What should this perfect soft drink look like?

Your challenge is to bring to life the perfect 100% natural soft drink for adults through a print ad or a poster. Give it a name, personality, and look and feel. This product would be available in a bottle or can. Be creative and keep in mind it must be a drink that you would be proud to be seen drinking.

Format: Print ads, posters or illustrations