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Show us how love for easy going and affordable fashion can be a profitable business.

5.000 €
Wettbewerb endete am 3. Oktober 2012
Grafikdesign - Illustration - Kreatives Schreiben

Sophie Paris is a very unique fashion brand. It is elegant yet has an easy-going style. It has a modern French touch yet it is affordable. It is a very successful brand yet it allows everyone to share its success by becoming a Sophie Paris member; that is getting 30% discount on purchases and being able to set-up your own business re-selling Sophie Paris' clothing and apparels to friends, family and more. And there are still some that say that being fashionable is expensive...

Give us a TV ad idea to entice young women (and men) to join Sophie Paris as members so that they too could turn their love for elegant, easy-going yet affordable fashion into a profitable source of income.

FORMAT: Storyboards, pictures/illustrations with explanations.