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Can you turn basic geo-tagged data into in a stunning video for Shazam?

Today guys, we have a very special brief for you. Shazam is looking for someone who is able to turn a basic xml file into a stunning time lapsed video vizualisation, showing where and when a piece of audio was tagged by users across the US.

Videos and animation, no longer than 60 sec. 

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  • Grafikdesign
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  • Label & Verpackungsdesign

#1 Preis von 5.000 €

I participated in the Shazam contest thanks to my brother who participated in another eYeka contests and thought I could create something good for this one. For my video, I started by developing a script enabling me to transform the XML file provided by Shazam in dots on the USA map. Once this script was ok, I worked on the graphics and the concept of the video relying on the graphic charter Shazam and the video already existing. I worked dozens of hours on the scripts, the graphics, and the method to recreate the video with another script and this within 5 hours as required by the brief. I took this challenge as a real job and I was rewarded!

I was of course very happy, it is very gratifying and winning €5000 allowed me to take vacation and launch other projects.

About the contest results, I found that other videos posted by other participants were better coded, some had nicer graphics. From my side, I tried to find a balance in order to bind both the development and the design with many more creative ideas. In the end, Shazam made ​​me change a lot of elements in the video so the final video has very little in common with the first version I proposed for the contest.

I have a very good memory of the announcement of my pre-selection for the Prize. Globally I would say that the experience in itself was exciting which is quite common for this kind of specific work. I love finding creative solutions to meet incongruous briefs.

I wish all designers to win a contest but I also advise them to provide themselves with the means by multiplying their efforts. I also would like to tell them that these contests are also a chance to work on real cases that also allow them to complete their books, to find customers etc. ..
And finally I wish myself to have once again the chance to get success, as often as possible. To always find new motivation and develop other skills to have the chance to continue being self-employed and at my own pace.

Your winning video stood out the most. Great use of Shazam assets. Clear, simple, easy to read – yet stylish and nicely laid out.


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