Smartphone 2020 Der Wettbewerb ist beendet

Design a future smartphone that changes our lives again, in 2020

5.000 €
Wettbewerb endete am 13. Oktober 2013
Grafikdesign - Illustration - Kreatives Schreiben

When the 1st smartphone was invented, it completely changed our lives. As time went by, we have seen so many revolutions and evolutions in the category that kept bringing us surprises and excitement. Nowadays people’s lives have been seamlessly connected with smartphones, and many of us cannot live without them. Instead of waiting for the big brands or telecom tycoons to decide what the next invention will be, why don't you show us your vision for the future of smartphones?

Use your creative flair and show us your vision of a future smartphone in 2020 through a refreshingly creative, forward-looking and groundbreaking product idea (with high-quality illustration) that brings revolutionary changes in our lives, like the 1st smartphone did.

Format: Presentations with pictures or illustrations and text (PDF format).