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Show us how we can contribute to save the planet by showering more responsibly!

Henkel is looking for a creative, very entertaining, surprising and exclusive video that shows that showering responsibly can be fun, pleasant and, most importantly, can help to save our planet.

Video or animation, 60 seconds maximum.

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Schwarzkopf Henkel

Dear all,

thank you all for your contribution to this contest. It was a real pleasure watching all your videos and how you transfered the brief into different stories.

The creative level was extremely high and we are truly thankful for your efforts.

Our winners managed in a perfect way to combine the important, educational message with entertainment. However we must admit that the winner selection was a very tough decision due to the high amount of very good submissions. The creative level and execution / production quality is extremely high. We are proud of having so many people joining our movement towards a more responsible showering.

Some of your videos did not get into the top ranking as they had a stronger target on male viewers vs. female. Others had a great story telling, but we missed a twist that makes viewers watch it to the end incl viral potential. Others had a great creative execution but missed a story that helps the viewer follow the message.

Though overall, we are overwhelmed by the many submissions from all over the world. Your videos reflect how important sustainability is for you and we are touched by your love for detail you put into this topic.

We thank you all and wish you all the best for your future works!

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Andersen #1 Preis
Andersen 0 Kreativ-Score
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#1 Preis von 14.000 €

About me: My name is Mark Andersen, I have been working in visual media since 1984, both as a stills photographer and a film producer, director and cinematographer. Today I  work from my studio in Cedar Hills, Utah doing commercials, narrative films, fine art and documentary special features and stock footage. More of  my work can be seen at 

This is a very entertaining and charming story, catching attention right from the start and keeping the viewer curious about how it is going to end. You manage in an outstanding way to emphasize the need of changing shower behavior while creating a positive spirit. Also, the production quality is impressive. We simply love this film! THANK YOU!

final3 #2 Preis
final3 0 Kreativ-Score
  • Animation

#2 Preis von 7.000 €

My video is based on a true story from my childhood.The true story is my inspiration to create this  video for Henkel contest.

When I was a little kid, I need to need to go to a public shower for shower.  You need step on a pedal to get the water from the shower head. If you don't step on it, the water will stop.
I find the design very interesting so I asked my other little friends to check out the shower, but we found some big bricks and stones in the shower room. We were very surprised and didn't know what happened, in the end we saw an uncle put some big stones on the pedal, so he doesn't need to step on it to get the water...

You manage to communicate the message in a most simple way with help of the cutest little protagonist, the penguin. This video is enjoyable no matter how often it is watched. It has a high educational value while still being highly entertaining. It will be watched and loved by people of all ages which is a very respectable achievement. We simply love this film! THANK YOU!

RobinFrolet #3 Preis
RobinFrolet 0 Kreativ-Score
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#3 Preis von 4.000 €

It's a real pleasure to win the 3rd prize for this "Shower responsibly" contest. It is, first of all, a friendship collaboration.

I tried to communicate a responsible message but we must show the food mess to be percussive. So we were in this ambivalence when i shoot the video, between the pictures that i wanted and avoiding big mess. So threw food away and picked up after, not the better meal i had in my life...It is always the same challenge when i shoot a video for eYeka, the question is : "how could i win but spend as less money as possible?" It makes me creative but i'm impatient to dispose of bigger budget to obtain video that are more ambitious.

The prizes that i won on eYeka facilitate me that! So...I'm pleased ! I make other kind of video with my job but i rarely have a lot of freedom, i'm writing a short movie that i hope i could shoot soon.
Thank's and see you soon!

This might be one of the most sophisticated videos we got. You do not show water once and still the way you communicate your message is absolutely striking and logical. A real eye-opener, yet in a very entertaining way. Also, the production quality is impressive. We simply love this film! THANK YOU!

devonferguson #4 Preis
devonferguson 0 Kreativ-Score
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#4 Preis von 3.000 €

I was very excited to hear that I won!  I'm very happy to have stumbled on to eYeka site, its such a great way to  keep me creative which is something I can't live without.  I'm looking forward to more great contests! 

Honestly, when launching this contest we probably never thought about receiving and using results like this. However, this is so very entertaining and wonderfully "trashy" that we simply can't not love it. The unique mix of "trashy" pictures, a "trashy" rap and a highly professional song production is striking. We love listening and watching to this film. THANK YOU!

librarymovie #5 Preis
librarymovie 0 Kreativ-Score
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#5 Preis von 2.000 €

This is my first contest entry for eYeka, and I'm honored and excited that my video was selected as a winner! Looking forward to future contest listings that align with my interests. Thanks eYeka!

We love this little "musical" of a weird encounter in the bathroom. While your story is simple, the actors tell it in such a lovable way that it is a real pleasure to watch it again and again. We simply love this film! THANK YOU!


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Congrats to all the winners! We would like to thank you all the participants, you did great and we really appreciate for your effort in this contest. We wish you good luck in the future contests!

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