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Show us how Pro-Expert toothpaste gives you the confidence of the expert, whatever the situation!

Create a witty, unexpected and shareable video that shows that regardless of the situation, Oral-B Pro-Expert gives you the confidence of the expert.

Videos or animations; maximum length: 1 minute

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We apologize for the late selection of winners in this contest. This was our first video contest with the eYeka creative community, and the selection process proved more difficult than we had anticipated. We hope to do more video contests in the future, so we"d like to thank everyone for their participation, and appreciate your help as we try new ways of telling the Oral B story.


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carlesvaldes #1 Preis
carlesvaldes 0 Kreativ-Score
  • Video

#1 Preis von 10.000 € für A sign

I'm a creative director at Vimema.com  My specialty is to make advertising that moves you. I think the key to make advertising viral is that it conveys feelings: make people cry, laugh, surprise, make them think... anything, but convey something.

It is an honor for me to win the first contest I have ever entered, and it is a great opportunity that big brands get to know my job. Thank you so much Oral-B and Eyeka.


Thank you for your creativity & originality. The story had an entertaining and unexpected interpretation on the "confidence of an expert" positioning. And, the acting, integral suspense and video execution ensured it was smart & entertaining without being "cliché."

loiclasne #2 Preis
loiclasne 0 Kreativ-Score
  • Video
  • Illustration
  • Kreatives Schreiben
  • Script Writing

#2 Preis von 6.000 € für Sink your teeth into life with Oral - B

Thank you for your creative thinking & hard work. It is very original, dramatic & entertaining. It reflects the expertise of the brand in a whole new light!

Soulliquor #3 Preis
Soulliquor 60 Kreativ-Score
  • Grafikdesign
  • Video
  • Fotografie
  • Script Writing

#3 Preis von 4.000 € für Car Crossing

Thank you for your interpretation of the Confidence of an Expert. We like how you were able to tell an entertaining story about extreme confidence in a daily life context. The act of "car crossing" is inconsequential, yet it is highly original, and does take a lot of confidence to do it, and pull off. The use of this dichotomy, in an entertaining way, could represent an interesting take on this territory.


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