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Can creativity lower cholesterol?

Measuring cholesterol levels can make people aware that they might be at risk of developing a heart disease. Your task is to convince people to take this issue seriously and get tested – TODAY!

Video or animation, 60s maximum

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Thanks a lot for all the great video's you have created! We were very positively surprised by all the funny and impactful approaches. We are very much inspired by your creativity!

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Twobib #1 Preis
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  • Video
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#1 Preis von 5.000 €

Very Funny. Merci Beaucoup! We like to creative approach and the message is clearly communicated.

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tavoaxdonis #2 Preis
tavoaxdonis 48.880 Kreativ-Score
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  • Illustration
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#2 Preis von 3.000 €

Very nicely illustrated and the message is communicated on a surprising and impactful way.

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JulianCa #3 Preis
JulianCa 0 Kreativ-Score
  • Grafikdesign
  • Video
  • Illustration
  • Animation

#3 Preis von 2.000 €

Thank you eYeka again for this opportunity. I´m very happy to win this contest. I started with a short script focused entirely on making an illustrative video. The mood I was looking for was a practical, easy to understand, very straight forward video. I didn´t want to scare people with the message, but to invite them to make the test and to make them know that it is a good idea to do so. I really wanted to be very clear, that is why I used motion graphics and text. I learned a lot of new techniques doing this video and again, a lot of friends, starting with my wife, helped me to polish it and to make it the best video I could do for this contest. Thank you all so much, and let´s keep doing this!

Great mix of illustration and video and the message is very clear.

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