Pringles "Sour Cream & Chili" Der Wettbewerb ist beendet

What happens when Pringles creates an unlikely mix of flavors? You get a totally awesome match!

Start 15. Januar 2015 Ende Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015, 23:59 Uhr UTC Beratung Ergebnisse April 2015
15. Januar 2015
Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015, 23:59 Uhr UTC
April 2015


Pringles potato chips, aren’t they delightful? They come in a perfectly crispy stack, full of flavor, stored in the iconic Pringles can and really are the ultimate snack for people who want a fun, delicious nibble that hits the spot.

Pringles decided to go wild and combine two totally opposite flavors that create a festival of deliciousness when combined - Chili & Sour Cream! This mix of two opposite flavors – the creamy sour cream and the hint of chili is completely unexpected but it works! The two flavors bring out the best of one another.  

Your job is to get the word out and make sure that everyone tastes this awesome, unlikely match of flavors!

You need to convince everyone with a mouth to give this incredibly tasty, new snack a try, through a creative and original video or animation.

Kreative Herausforderung

Introduce the new Pringles flavor that is all about an unlikely mix of Sour Cream and Chili in a way that would get people excited and desperate to try them.

Your entry should connect with young adults (18-30) that are looking for the best taste and crunchiness from their snack. They are fun-loving, outgoing and sociable. They are looking for excitement in their lives, to have fun, to laugh, to be involved in trends and to basically have a good time. Think of ways you can express this unique, original and surprising mix of flavors so that they will be drooling and craving for it. Try to use the Pringles potato chips as part of the story. Make sure they are a natural, easy fit in your plot.

Your story must be very surprising. Focus on the unlikely match of flavors, and how it works, even though it’s not an expected combination. Tell it in a way that would get people to notice the new flavor, crave for it and TRY IT.


Die Beispiele sind nur dazu da, dir eine konkretere Vorstellung von unseren Erwartungen zu geben. Bitte verwende sie nicht in für den von dir eingereichten Beitrag, da er sonst abgelehnt wird.

An Example At a house party there’s a cute geeky-looking girl. She’s munching away on “Original Pringles” and dipping it in a mountain of sour cream. On the other side of the room there’s a handsome, cool bad-boy. He’s also munching on “Original Pringles” but before he eats them he sprinkles a bit of red chili on them. They notice each other, their eyes lock. They get up, walk to the middle of the room and start kissing. They love the taste so much that they grab her bowl of sour cream and sprinkle some of his chili on it and enjoy the new, surprising and delicious flavor together. 

You don’t have to use a romantic tone in your entry, create something that presents the surprising combination in a dynamic, fun, interesting way.

Bad idea - anything unexciting and boring. An entry featuring Pringle’s sour cream and chili surrounded by fire to show the heat – anything boring that we’ve all seen a million times before that doesn’t truly create craving and interest.


Jury Preis

  • #1 Preis 5.000 €
  • #2 Preis 3.000 €
  • #3 Preis 2.000 €


Video or animation – 45 seconds max.


The winning entries will be the official announcement of the new Pringles flavor in various markets worldwide. Make sure your project is as strong as your idea and your work will appear all over the web! Ideally, the Pringles chips are part of your story, but don’t force them, it needs to be fun and engaging. We are looking for straightforward, highly distinctive, original, convincing entries. Your entry should also capture the Pringles personality - Pringles is all about being playful and having a fun time. Be creative and imaginative but nothing too crazy. Make your entry hilarious/interesting/amusing but not TOO weird and over-the-top.


Leitlinien für diesen Wettbewerb

  • Please submit entries in English.
  • Please include the Pringles logo that you can download from here.
  • If you need to use a Pringles can, please use the original Pringles can. Winners might be asked to edit the parts featuring the can when the product is launched.

eYeka Standard Leitlinien

  • Zeige keine persönlichen Details in dem Beitrag (Name, Kontaktnummer, E-Mail Adresse, etc.)
  • Behalte eine high-quality Version Deiner Kreation, die genutzt werden kann wenn Du als Gewinner ausgewählt wirst.
  • Dein Medium muss Deine eigene Arbeit sein um zum Wettbewerb zugelassen zu werden.
  • Die schriftliche Erlaubnis aller Urheber und Darsteller, die zum Medium beigetragen haben, muss vorliegen.
  • Gib bei der Verwendung von Fremdmaterial (Musik, Fotos, Designs usw.) in der Beschreibung des Mediums bitte an, ob die verwendete Musik und/oder das Bild/die Bilder von Dir stammen, und stelle andernfalls Links zur Lizenz bereit, die Dich berechtigt, diese Elemente zu nutzen.
  • eYeka wird Dich auffordern, schriftliche Belege oder Kopien aller schriftlicher Dokumente vorzulegen, die solche Genehmigungen belegen, welche es eYeka und seinen Klienten ermöglichen, das Medium gemäß den Bedingungen der Wettbewerbsregeln zu nutzen.
  • Jegliches Medium, welches diese Regeln verletzt, wird nicht im Wettbewerb berücksichtigt.