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Zusammenfassung des Wettbewerbs

Bref-Boys! Stellen Sie Ihre zukünftige Saga in einem Pitch-Video dar!

Erfinden Sie eine Geschichte für Bref und fertigen Sie ein Pitch-Video an, das für die letztendlichen Dreharbeiten der Saga ausgewählt wird. Erhalten Sie ein Stipendium und erleben Sie die Veröffentlichung Ihres Videos online!

 FORMAT:  Pitch-Video mit Storyboards oder Bildern.

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Bref Henkel

The Bref Team would like to thank you for your participation. We saw many interesting pitches from you and picked three with the most promising stories.

It was a long way with a lot of feedback and hard work, but in the end we received many great videos as an outcome. We hope to work again with you in the future.

Jury Preis Gewinner

Auswahl nach Bref

Mike_Galeck #1 Preis
Mike_Galeck 10 Kreativ-Score
  • Grafikdesign
  • Video
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Kreatives Schreiben
  • Label & Verpackungsdesign
  • Fotografie
  • Script Writing

#1 Preis von 15.000 €

I think "pitch contest" has great potential and gives us the opportunity for the customer to select the job you want in a more personalized manner. These competitions are a step in favor of quality over quantity. The reason was a more direct communication with the staff of Eyeka. Something that could not be done in a conventional contest where hundreds of people participate. There were many very good competitors and win the first "pitch contest" is an honor both for me and for the people who have stood by me in the course of this competition.

Congratulations to the other winners.

Great work! Congratulations and thanks for your participation.  We picked your videos for a very fun and engaging story about the Bref Boys. We hope to work with you again in future projects. Thank you!


Watch the winning video by Mike HERE! Sine June 10th 2015 it has already got more than 3.6 mln views!

ericdraven #2 Preis
ericdraven 0 Kreativ-Score
  • Video
  • Animation

#2 Preis von 11.000 €

I am very pleased to be involved in this project and very thankful to the eYeka team for all their support and feedback during all the process. It took a lot of hard work but my team and I are very proud of the end result, and we really hope to work with this brand again in the future.

Great work! Thanks for your participation and for your hard work. We really liked the great quality of your work. Congratulations! We hope to work with you again.

tamaris_rappini #3 Preis
tamaris_rappini 130 Kreativ-Score
  • Video
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Kreatives Schreiben
  • Fotografie
  • Script Writing

#3 Preis von 8.000 €

It was an amazing opportunity to be able to do this video. It was great to have all the encouragement from eYeka and a feedback every time we needed. The fact that we knew what the client was looking for made the process a lot more comfortable. We are honored to have worked with such a big brand. We are really proud to have participated on this first pitch contest!

We hope we can do it again. =) Once again, thank you for all the help and encouragement during the process.

Tamaris and Fernanda

Great work! Thanks for your participation and great pitch. We really liked your creative idea and alternative approach. We hope to work with you again. Thank you!


Bref-Boys: Pitchen Sie die nächsten Videos! Community

Treffe all die kreativen Teilnehmer des Wettbewerbs

eYeka team wants to say thank you to all the participants of this first video pitch contest and a HUGE THANK YOU to our three finalists: Mike_Galeck, ericdraven and tamaris_rappini! You alll did a fantastic job, we are fascinated with your talent, creativity and your hard work! It was a pleasure to work with all of you and we are very proud with the results! You guys rock!

See you soon on eYeka!

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