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Introduce Stila Cereal’s key ingredient to the world with a name that rocks and a communication idea that tells the right story!

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In 2014, Stila launched a new product, a cereal that contains a blend of granola, flakes and a unique new ingredient. This ingredient was developed exclusively by Quaker. It looks like small foam and it’s made with fiber and proteins. It enhances flavor and adds texture, yet it does not add any calorie.

The problem they have is that this ingredient looks like marshmallows… People really think it has marshmallows which is very ironic since this ingredient is actually the opposite of what marshmallow cereals are. Stila’s unique ingredient is light, healthy, tasty and has a surprising and cool texture. Stila cereal helps you manage your weight!

Convince people that Stila cereal’s unique ingredient helps control weight in a delicious way by inventing a name for the ingredient and finding communication ideas to explain the benefits!

FORMAT: 2 pages including: a name, at least 1 image and some text of explanation.