Invent the new Doritos Der Wettbewerb ist beendet

Invent the next generation of intense sensation Doritos snack for those who expect more boldness in their lives!

6.000 €
Wettbewerb endete am 1. Juli 2015
Illustration - Kreatives Schreiben - Label & Verpackungsdesign

Doritos are seasoned tortilla chips, iconic because of their edgy triangular shape. Due to the intensity of the experiences Doritos offer, they’re a perfect match for people looking for extreme sensory stimulation. Doritos lovers are bold, always searching to try new things and new products.

Wow us with incredible new product ideas, which bring out-of-the-box sensorial experience to consumers and surprise them with intense flavors and textures for Doritos.

Your product idea must be one that fills bellies and brings a whole new experience, but also that has: a triangular shape and a powerful crunch.

Format: Two-page presentation with designs and text explanations (2 pages max PDF).