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Propel Lucozade into the modern world of sport and exercise

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Nowadays, for most of us, there is a shift in the way we are doing sport.

Winning is personal. It is not necessarily a matter of competition between each other anymore. Sport is now seen as a way to focus on ourselves - how we could find our own best by reaching personal goals. Sport is also a way to stay active in a world that expects a lot from us. We want to have a well-balanced and a healthier life in order to feel confident in our daily routine.
Lucozade would like to play a key role in this modern world of sport and exercise. Lucozade Sport drink is designed to enhance hydration and fuel performance during intense sport and exercise.

Create a print ad that propels Lucozade Sport into the modern world of sports, where people exercise to reach personal goals and to live a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle.

Format: Print ad (photo or illustration with tagline and text explanation. 2 pages in total, PDF only).