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Change the way we go to the toilets with a creative yet tactful story!

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Grafikdesign - Illustration

How we clean ourselves after going to the toilet is not a topic that is high on our agenda. Yet research has shown that dry toilet paper often does not clean as well as it should, and cleaning with water and toilet paper is not always possible or convenient, whether you are in your home or outside. Kimberly Clark has invented a new product to address this problem: Flushable Cleansing Cloths, also known as Moist Toilet Tissue. It offers superior cleaning, and its alcohol-free botanical extracts and refreshing scent help to reduce odors and leave you feeling refreshed, confident and pampered. We feel that people most receptive to this new way of cleaning will be women, using it for themselves or their family. Can you convince them to change their habits?

Convince women to change their habits with an engaging and creative illustrated story that shows what happens when Moist Toilet Tissue becomes part of their toilet routine.

Format: Presentation with text and pictures (max 5 pages).