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Amaze Millennials with a totally reinvented tea experience.

Start 11. März 2016 Ende Sonntag, 20. März 2016, 23:59 Uhr UTC Beratung Ergebnisse Juni 2016
11. März 2016
Sonntag, 20. März 2016, 23:59 Uhr UTC
Juni 2016


Because Millennials have been raised under the mantra of “Follow your dreams” and “Everything is possible”, they tend to feel special and confident about themselves. They are the first generation who have been so exposed (and so early in age) to the Internet and invading technologies. The consequences of this are that Millennials, more than any other age group, like to try new things and value experiences, be them offered by brands, institutions, people or nature.  Sensory experiences and immersive activities are always preferred in comparison to passive practices. Also, Millennials want their environment to conform to their identity and desires –not the opposite.

When it comes to choosing brands and products, they are not fooled by the marketing. They trust their peers rather than ads and above all, they want things to improve their lives, the lives of others, and bring something really new to the picture. Otherwise the new product or service is never adopted.

Think about tea now... Tea is for everyone, yet, each person has their own way of drinking it. It’s a product that has the power to both stimulate us and relax us. Tea is used as a mean to connect with people close to us, or to celebrate precious me-time.  In some cultures, tea is enjoyed with meals and can be rich and indulgent, and yet it also has lots of health properties and can support wellness. Tea is versatile, diverse and steeped in culture. The perfect drink for demanding people like Millennials… so why is it still suffering from an old people’s drink image? Why do Millennials stay away from tea?  Or do you see signs of this changing ever so slightly…

What could tea do to become more relevant to Millennials and more dynamic?

What could brands like Lipton, PG Tips, Brooke Bond Red Label, Sariwangi or Elephant (all owned by Unilever) invent to appeal to Millennials and create disruption?

Kreative Herausforderung

Reinvent tea by finding ways to make Millennials excited by this timeless beverage and be proud to drink it.

Your idea should be something that specifically fits with Millennials’ mindset and make them desire tea! These people face an incredible number of choices. They expect great sensory experiences from brands and these experiences should be surprising.

In order to be as authentic as they want, your idea should not feel like marketing. It should be perceived as something that truly adds value to their lives and not a tactical move from a brand to sell more.

They are also looking for meaning. Anything boring, inauthentic or gratuitous would fail to appeal to them. 

There is one thing that is not our focus in this brief is convenience. We are not interested in tea on the go, portable tea (like tea in cans).

A part from this, you’re free to reinvent anything that relates to tea! Surprise us with your incredible idea! 

There are multiple ways to tackle the questions. You can think of:

  • The product itself: how can the product form be shaken up? What even is tea – does have to be hot? Is it simply any natural brewed drink?  Should tea remain in tea bag or lose? What if tea was sold as fresh herbs to infuse in water? What about a device that allows you to make you own blend of tea?
  • The ways to enjoy tea: think about changing production methods, evolving packaging, creating machines that dispense tea… The gestures, moments and rituals of consumption can be considered too.
  • The distribution: why should tea only be sold in stores? Are there other ways and places to connect people to tea? Subscriptions, partnerships with services Millennials use such as Uber or Airbnb?
  • The communication: is tea only about heritage, know-how and rituals? Are there any other stories that could be told in order to make tea exciting? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a brand that communicates about how this tea is a perfect well-being ally during your fitness work-out? Does tea have an interesting sustainability angle to exploit?

These are examples of areas you can focus on to vamp-up tea. Of course we’re not asking you to address them all!

Illustrate your idea in a visual and give us details about what it is and why it will appeal to Millennials.


Die Beispiele sind nur dazu da, dir eine konkretere Vorstellung von unseren Erwartungen zu geben. Bitte verwende sie nicht in für den von dir eingereichten Beitrag, da er sonst abgelehnt wird.

Read the creative challenge section right above to get thought-starters.


Jury Preis

  • #1 Preis 1.500 €
  • #2 Preis 600 €
  • #3 Preis 400 €


Your idea must fit into 1 page: one visual and one paragraph of text.


The winning entries would celebrate what is great about tea but be bold enough to take it in radical and provocative new directions. It can come from multiple areas but it should captivate and surprise Millennials.


Leitlinien für diesen Wettbewerb

  • To appeal to Millennials, your idea must be an engaging and unexpected experience that has a meaning. It should be something that breaks the mold –beyond the borders of what is tea today.
  • You can use one of the Unilever tea brands: Lipton, PG Tips, Brooke Bond Red Label, Sariwangi or Elephant or you can stay away from these brands. Representing a brand in your entry is not mandatory.
  • If you wish to use one of these brand or the umbrella brand Unilever in your entry, please use the logos from the toolkit.
  • No-go areas:
    • Iced tea: we’d be happy to look at tea which people brew and chill but not ‘ready to drink’ iced tea
    • Tea on the go: we often see ideas about how to have tea on the go with cans that heat up, but please avoid ideas like these. Don’t focus on convenience.
  • Entries should be in English.
  • Authorizations and licenses to use protected elements (incl. music, photos..) must include at least: (i) the right to incorporate the protected elements in new works that are derived or based upon these elements, (ii) the right to use for commercial purposes and (iii) the right to use on the Internet. You must be able to provide a written proof of these authorizations and licenses at any time.

eYeka Standard Leitlinien

  • Zeige keine persönlichen Details in dem Beitrag (Name, Kontaktnummer, E-Mail Adresse, etc.)
  • Behalte eine high-quality Version Deiner Kreation, die genutzt werden kann wenn Du als Gewinner ausgewählt wirst.
  • Dein Medium muss Deine eigene Arbeit sein um zum Wettbewerb zugelassen zu werden.
  • Die schriftliche Erlaubnis aller Urheber und Darsteller, die zum Medium beigetragen haben, muss vorliegen.
  • Gib bei der Verwendung von Fremdmaterial (Musik, Fotos, Designs usw.) in der Beschreibung des Mediums bitte an, ob die verwendete Musik und/oder das Bild/die Bilder von Dir stammen, und stelle andernfalls Links zur Lizenz bereit, die Dich berechtigt, diese Elemente zu nutzen.
  • eYeka wird Dich auffordern, schriftliche Belege oder Kopien aller schriftlicher Dokumente vorzulegen, die solche Genehmigungen belegen, welche es eYeka und seinen Klienten ermöglichen, das Medium gemäß den Bedingungen der Wettbewerbsregeln zu nutzen.
  • Jegliches Medium, welches diese Regeln verletzt, wird nicht im Wettbewerb berücksichtigt.