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Make SK-II the must-have “brand for me” for young working women who love all things cool and exciting.

7.500 €
Wettbewerb endete am 2. Mai 2016
Label & Verpackungsdesign

To young working women today, skincare is not just a product; it’s a lifestyle choice and they pay close attention to what they choose because it is an extension of their personality. They love cool and exciting new products in ‘gotta-have-it’ designs that stand out among other products on shelf. SK-II wants to revamp their Limited Edition packs with even cooler and more exciting designs that young working women will love

Can you reinvent SK-II Limited Edition packaging that’s interesting and surprising, that will stop young working women in their tracks and get them excited about making a purchase?

Format: Presentation of your Packaging Ideas in a PDF Format (4 pages).