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Convince people that Ariel is worth the price paid!

5.000 €
Wettbewerb endete am 1. Juni 2016
Grafikdesign - Illustration

Ariel, from P&G, is famous for bringing innovation to laundry and is always recognized by consumers as the best stain removal detergent providing superior cleaning and consumers love these kinds of performances. They can see, feel and smell it. But Ariel is more expensive than its competitors.

In Latin America, the cheap brands offer a lot of promotions so women buy them. They think that they are saving money when they buy a cheap detergent. But in reality, they’re not because the results achieved will never be as good as with Ariel.

Through an impactful poster, find original ways to show Ariel’s value and make consumers pick Ariel instead of cheaper brands. 

Format: Poster with a tagline (2 pages PDF max.)