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Can men be strong advocates for true gender equality in the workplace?

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Although research shows that teams composed of men and women (“diverse teams”) are more creative, more pleasant, and perform more effectively, there are real barriers for women as they move up the corporate ladder particularly in more traditional manufacturing and operational organizations.

P&G believes “Everyone valued. Everyone included. Everyone performing at their peakTM” is genuinely good for everyone. With men representing over 70% of P&G product supply, it is essential that men understand the issue and step up to actively develop, promote and support men and women equally.

We need your ideas to get P&G male Managers in Europe, India, Middle East and Africa actively working as advocates and role models in creating the fully inclusive diverse culture where men and women can both perform at their peak.

Through an impactful poster aimed at male managers, bring to life the message that “everyone valued and performing at their peak” is good for BOTH women and men.

Format: PDF with visual and text (2 pages)