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Make Serra da Estrela appealing with a new product or packaging idea.

Can you think of ways to make the spring water Serra da Estrela, a product that people want to buy because it offers something its competitors don’t?

Presentations with designs and text (4 pages max)

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Sumol Sumol + compal

We appreciate everyone's participation! Selecting the winners was a very tough decision amongst such great ideas. Thak you all for your time and effort!

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hosina #1 Preis
hosina 3.110 Kreativ-Score
  • Grafikdesign
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Label & Verpackungsdesign
  • Fotografie
Russische Föderation

#1 Preis von 3.000 €

Loved the simplicity and elegance of your idea. Very much in line with our brief of keeping the relationship of the brand with nature. Loved the wood cover! Great job!

jeanbaptistepetricoul #2 Preis
jeanbaptistepetricoul 41.760 Kreativ-Score
  • Grafikdesign
  • Illustration
  • Kreatives Schreiben
  • Label & Verpackungsdesign

#2 Preis von 1.500 €

Loved the simplicity and elegance of your idea. A minimal design but with relevant details. The possibility to measure water temperature was na interesting idea. Great job!

kinonato_45 #3 Preis
kinonato_45 40 Kreativ-Score
  • Grafikdesign
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Label & Verpackungsdesign

#3 Preis von 500 €

Loved the minimalism and elegance of your idea. The detail in the bottom of the bottle was very much valued. Great job!


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