Gearing up your organization for creators' ideas

To maximize the ROI of your co-creation initiatives you need to plan strategically and have the right eco-system. Our team of experienced co-creation planners will conduct a review of your co-creation objectives, resources, processes and experience, draft a comprehensive roadmap to deliver strategic value and train your internal and external teams.

Linking your brand with a community of creators

We link your brand with our creative community by transforming your marketing challenges into creative competitions and questions. We have developed a set of best practices over 500 projects to find the right balance between marketers and consumers' interest, to stimulate great responses. This service is included whenever you launch a Call For Entries with eÿeka.

Analysing creators' ideas for fresher thinking

We give you fresh thinking and ideas by analyzing creators’ suggestions to get actionable solutions. Our experienced team of co-creation planners can offer two levels of analysis: a simple broad analysis consisting of thematic clustering of entries and recommendation on potential routes and a deep analysis which goes further into unlocking insights and trends, often through semiotic analysis.

Synchronizing all parties around creators' ideas

We sync your internal and agency eco-system with co-creation experts and creators. Through constant conversation with creators as well as workshops to align all stakeholders we can deepen the ideation process and co-develop practical next steps to increase the ROI of your co-creation efforts. This will also increase participation from your creators' community in future projects.

To align all stakeholders, deepen the ideation process and co-develop practical next steps.