Canada DryⓇ crowdsourced equity can designs to enhance relaxation moments.

Canada Dry® is a popular, yet distinctive soda in the USA known for being “made from real ginger.” In 2018, Canada Dry® developed a communications platform challenging people to take relaxation to a new level. One piece of this is the  “Work Hard, Play Hard, Relax Harder” advertising campaign.


Canada Dry® is all about relaxation

As part of this 360° degree campaign, Canada Dry® asked eÿeka to organize a crowdsourcing contest to create an on-can design story to enhance relaxation moments while people enjoy Canada Dry®.

The eÿeka - Canada Dry® winning idea was…

In 4 weeks, the marketing team received 100 diverse creative interpretations from 33 countries.

The winning idea, designed by an Irish Creator, featured light hearted quotes of encouragement with a signature bubbly design to reinforce the relaxation moment.

Canada Dry® selected the winning idea based on 4 initial can designs. The winner designed 12 more for the Relax Pack which was in-market across the USA from January to April 2018.


Consumers loved it!

Positive early results in-store encouraged Canada Dry® to activate the Relax Pack cans on social media, where they garnered positive engagement from consumers on Facebook and Instagram, reaching over 13MM consumers!

Relax Packs reinforced the brand’s relaxation equity

Based on measurement, the Relax Pack can designs delivered on relaxation and had a positive impact on the brand overall, even above base.

In 2019, the Relax Pack program will be further optimized, repeated and expanded based on multiple 2018 learnings!


Keurig Dr Pepper is a leading coffee & beverage company in North America. Formed in 2018 with the merger of Keurig Green Mountain and Dr Pepper Snapple Group, it markets the N°1 single serve coffee brewing system in the US, and has leadership positions in soft drink, speciality coffee, tea, water, juice, juice drinks and mixers.

Eÿeka is thrilled to be part of this Canada Dry® Success Story!

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