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My name is Delia and I'm a skilled Design Consultant and Graphic Designer. Over 20+ years of community freelancing on the beautiful United States Virgin Islands. I'm born and raise on St.Croix, travel with my work to St.Thomas & St. John. Providing my expertise and services for my friends, family and clients of interest to fashion outlooks, medical innovations and inventions on creative work used with Graphic Designs and Sewing Techiques. I also developed skills in growing foods to eat for healthy body intakes and produces sold in Farmers Market. Most of my work are Designs.

About my ambitious outlook to Graphic Designs. I'm passionate in what I do and People I've done creative work are very please with my results. It's not so much about competing with my work but the fact I can create work that put a smile on customers faces.

I"m also a Creative Writer and Journalist to list those attributes along with Sales, Communication, Project Management, Travel & Tourism are belts I carry around my waist with "S" on my chest. Cheers!

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