Civita Castellana, Italien

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I'm Leonardo Dentico,an Italian Illustrator and Graphic Designer
I actually live in Civita Castellana,a small town near Rome,i'm only 19 years old,but i already had the pleasure to work for great guys and you can easily find my works around blogs and sites on the Internet.

I opened Photoshop for the first time 4 or 5 years ago and i was amazed by the unlimited number of options and instruments that was offering.
I'm proud to be part of the great artists' collective slashTHREE ,being part of it meant a lot,since i had the chance to show my art to people who already worked for big clients and surely knew many things about the graphic design world.

I improved my technique and i managed to get some features and interviews,so i could have a larger "audience".
I'm a Freelancer graphic designer,so if you want to commission me something,don't wait! Contact me as soon as possible via email to show me your project and talk about details you want me to work on.

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