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This life loving outgoing bubbly 26 year old turned out to be one of the best kept secrets of Singapore’s photography industry. He describes himself like this: “I am a citizen of an interactive world and I rock it with attitude!” And what a way to rock it! One of his favourite personal quotes sums everything up: “if your life is not like a movie then you must be doing something wrong.”

He was born in Guatemala and for quite some time, photography has been a big part of his life, either from the front or from behind the lens - “Whatever we see, smell, feel, it's a photo taken by our eyes, brain and feelings - A camera is a tool to capture those moments and be able to share them with the world.”

He started modelling when he was as young as 14 years old, and landed jobs with brands such as Guess, American Crew, Tigi (Beadhead UK), Rapsodia, United Colors of Benetton and Tommy Hilfiger Latin America, to name only a few.

“Fashion is something that has been in my life ever since, I worked with lots of recognized fashion designers and magazines in Latin America, I did some works around Asia including Singapore as well. At my first stage of being here I was selected for an advertising video shoot and after shooting it, out of the rest I became the main image on the commercial shoot and for the print advertisement as well. I also did some acting for HBO drama as what we Latin Americans call "Galan", interpreting it in the 1920's.”

At a young age, Ren has been working for the fashion industry for over a decade now, making a successful transition from in front the lens to behind it with very impressive results. “I decided to use all my experience and knowledge of fashion and photography to turn it into what I now do in the line of advertising and design”

Some of his work has been recognized and published internationally as well as locally. His photo artworks can be seen in magazines of Singapore, NYC and India, as well as in a few catalogues in Malaysia. He has produced model portfolios and other material for modelling agencies in the Philippines, as well as photography works for businesses in Vietnam and advertisements in Australia.

Ren's production includes more than just commercial fashion photography. He also deals with commercial product photography, a personal favourite part of his job. Possessing a very distinctive clean and simple style of product exposure, Ren stringently ensures that no distraction will come in between the much needed concentration in order to achieve the perfect shot of the actual product and its brand.

Ren explains that fashion trends, beauty concepts, culture of the industry and marketing techniques vary in each country: “What doesn't change is that each market is looking for the suitable concept of "local beauty" for that specific target market, to call it that way. In Asia they have tons of models from Latin America as well as from Europe, South Africa and Asia itself, so the face really depends on the project and target audience.”

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